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4 Ways to Improve Your Master Bedroom Designs


A Crash Course on Bedroom Designs (Part 1)

We have a feeling we’re going to be stepping on a few toes by saying this but the truth is you don’t have to paint all your walls pink or green just because it’s your favourite colour. We know, we know, it’s YOUR house but hear us out first. We’ll spare you all the long, boring scientific details but it’s a proven fact that what our immediate environment looks like affects how we feel and our ability to function effectively.

How did you feel the last time you walked into a hotel lobby or restaurant that reminded you of a scene from The Great Gatsby? Or maybe saw one in a magazine or on TV? You might not have time to take in every little detail, but something about it just leaves you soaring on the inside.

What if we told you that you could get that same feeling every time you opened your bedroom door? Our bedrooms are perhaps the only spaces in our homes we can truly call ‘ours’, depending on a number of factors like whether you share it with siblings, a roommate, spouse or children below the age of 3, whether you’re a homeowner or tenant etc. However, what you want to do is ensure that you “own your space”.

Today, we’ll be sharing a few helpful tips to help add interest to your bedrooms (these will also be helpful considerations when dealing with clients) by simply turning your walls into your very own canvas. The great news is that these changes are not necessarily permanent, and you can ‘update’ them at the lowest possible cost. They are also in different categories depending on age and gender. Today, we’ll be focusing on Master Bedrooms.

Master Bedrooms

The master bedroom may or may not be occupied by a couple. It belongs to the owner of the house, is usually the largest, and en-suite.

1.Curtains: Lengths, Texture, Colour…

Curtains that drop from the ceiling can give off a very regal look. Care should, however, be given to the choice of texture, colour and pattern. Plain curtains with patterns you only see from up-close tend to look a lot more ‘modern’ than organic or geometric ones but whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with the right colours.

2.Wall Paint: Mix and Match

As far as paint goes, try to keep it as simple as possible. Not everyone is a fan of all-white walls but they aren’t rare in modern bedroom designs. Beige, ivory, cream, or light grey work well, with other brighter colours. If your client’s favourite colour is a really bold one, you might want to use only a touch of it with neutral colours that work well with it.

3.Wall Art

Wall art always looks good above a king-sized bed especially when it’s centrally placed. Simple but classy looking wall clocks and a few framed family photos will give a homely look so be sure to add those to your list as well.

4.Lighting: “More is More”

Having just one centrally-placed light source is not the most functional of choices. They tend to cast shadows. You should have several different types of light sources in different positions e.g. reading lights close to the bed and desk, task lighting close to the dressing area (or walk-in-closet), and perhaps overhead lighting with dimmer switches. If you want to keep it simple, recessed lights will do.


4-Light Silver and Crystal Leaves Chandelier

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In our next blog, we’ll be sharing 4 tips each for Bachelors and Young Couples. Please share your ideas in the comment section below. Questions are also welcome. Thanks for making it to the end!

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