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Creative Architects 2016: Photo Gallery


We have laughed so much in the past days as beautiful faces graced The Creative Architects 2016 Event at Muson Centre in Lagos.

We thank you for making this year’s event a huge success as we celebrated creativity in 3D visualization and Technology as it relates to the Architecture Industry. The Speeches were great. The Competition Winning Entries were fantastic. The coffee was awesome. The Energy around was absolutely filling. The Countdown and Launch of the interior design e-commerce platform Chronos Stores was absolutely awesome.

We look forward to hosting you during Creative Architects 2017 and by all means, please have some fun looking through the photos and share with your friends right after you spot them.

We hope you have made new connections as you continue to rise in your endeavours. On behalf of the entire Chronos Team and our Partners, we wish to thank you again and we look forward to hosting you next year.

Please complete our feedback survey here. It takes only 1-minute.

Do let us know what you think about the event and how we can make next year even greater.


[TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery lightbox_size=”large” content_images=”8836,8835,8834,8833,8831,8830,8829,8828,8827,8826,8825,8824,8823,8822,8821,8820,8819,8818,8817,8816,8815,8814,8812,8811,8810,8809,8808,8807,8806,8805,8804,8803,8802,8801,8800,8799,8798,8797,8796,8795,8794,8793,8792,8791,8790,8789,8788,8787,8786,8785,8784,8783,8779,8778,8777,8776,8775,8774,8773,8772,8771,8770,8769,8768,8767,8766,8765,8764,8763,8762,8761,8760,8759,8758,8757,8756,8755,8754,8753,8752,8751,8750,8749,8748,8747,8746,8745,8744,8743,8742,8741,8740,8739,8738,8737,8736,8735″ content_title=”Creative Architects 2016 Photo Gallery” data_grid_shuffle=”true” thumbnail_size=”thumbnail” lightbox_effect=”simpleFade”][/TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery]

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