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Making of Ivory White – Contemporary Kitchen 3D Rendering


The kitchen. It’s the scene of family gatherings, from shared breakfasts to anniversary celebrations, such as birthdays.

However, for Chronos Studeos Architects, visualizers and interior designers, the concept of a new kitchen starts out as a plain canvas upon which to convey the style and quality finishes for which we’re known by clients in Africa and beyond.

One of our most recent completed projects was the Asiko luxury residence close to Oniru beach in Lagos.

A block of 14 fully serviced residential apartments offering three and four-bedroom options, the Asiko complex boasts only the best facilities, including a swimming pool, gym, spa and sauna, laundry services, top level security and even its own water treatment plant.

In this post, we will be sharing the process which our architects employed in making the 3D visualization images of the Kitchen.

3D Architectural Visualization by Chronos Studeos Victoria Island Lagos Stunning White Kitchen Surfaces

As you can see in these final renders, the kitchen truly is stunning. No room here for more than two primary colours – ivory white and orange, both of which are beautifully complemented by the chrome utensils & black cabinet strips.

3D Architectural Visualization by Chronos Studeos Victoria Island Kitchen Orange and white interior design kitchen scheme

As my colleagues from the media team work to update the Chronos Studeos portfolio of works with more from the Asiko project, I am here to respond to requests from our blog readers to share more tips and insights into how we make high end 3d architectural visualizations.

3D Architectural Visualization by Chronos Studeos Lagos Nigeria Victoria Island Lagos Stunning White Kitchen Modern Home


by Hassan Anifowose

Chronos Studeos Architect & Animation Supervisor

01 importing from revit


Most of our 3D visualizations are first modelled in architectural visualization software i.e. ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit. In this case Revit was used to model the hard elements (i.e. walls, doors, windows, ceilings) thereby generating physically accurate models and simplifying the rest of the modelling process in 3dsMax. The files are then imported into 3dsMax using the dwg export-import option with the settings shown in the image above.

To continue the modelling process, rather than use maps, we use geometry floor tiles to further enhance realism. Each tile edge is bevelled to and then instanced across the scene. This means whatever change is made on one tile affects the others. See image below.

Chronos Studeos WIP - 02 modelling the floor
02. Modelling the floor. Chronos Studeos WIP. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO OPEN IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW).


Adding lights to the scene involves the popular vray planes around windows and other openings. See settings in image below. Booster lights are added to the scene from the other end (with the sliding door) as the windows are too small to create a lot of illumination without burning out surfaces in the scene.

Chronos Studeos WIP: 03 Adding lights to the scene
03. Adding lights to the scene. Chronos Studeos WIP. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO OPEN IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW).
04. Adding lights to boost the window (Chronos Studeos WIP )
04. Adding gentle vray planes to boost the window lights. Chronos Studeos WIP. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO OPEN IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW).
05. Adding Vray dome lights (Chronos Studeos WIP)
Chronos Studeos WIP - 06 creating mapped background
06. Creating the mapped background from high resolution background images downloaded from CG sites (CLICK THE IMAGE TO OPEN IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW).

To add overall ambience to the scene, a plane background is used with vray light material. This gives off a gentle lighting solution to the scene and also serves as background image.

While making test renderings, the values of the vray light material can be quickly changed to see varying results. In the image above, a vray dome is created for general scene illumination and an HDRI map is assigned to it to further enhance realism in atmospheric calculations, and reflections.

07. Vray dome light options (Chronos Studeos WIP)
07. Vray dome light options (notice the subdivs at 32. Lower subdivs do not really give great results). (CLICK THE IMAGE TO VIEW IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW)
08 Chronos Studeos - Scene population
08. Scene population. Chronos Studeos WIP. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO OPEN IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW)

The remaining part of the modelling is completed i.e kitchen island, cabinets, drawers, shelving and artefacts. The scene is subsequently populated with kitchen elements, particularly from Evermotion archmodels. This saves a lot of time in the project timeline. Test renders are made and cameras are placed in desired spots.

We particularly enjoy using vray cameras for our interior scenes as they are really flexible and easy to manipulate (provided one understands each setting).

Chronos Studeos WIP - 09 Scene Population
09. Camera view completed with safe frame and ready to render. Chronos Studeos WIP. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO OPEN IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW)
Victoria Island Kitchen Orange quality sink unit
One of the final renderings of the Kitchen (CLICK THE IMAGE TO OPEN IT FULL SIZE IN A NEW WINDOW)

 Render Settings

Render settings

So here you go, you might want to try out these configuration in your interior scenes. Do drop your comments and questions below and be sure to get a response.

Thank you for reading this making of. We hope to bring more of these to you as we continue with our 3D visualizations works in Nigeria and beyond.

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Thanks for this awesome share just like the making of coziness bedroom,keep up the good work to you all at Chronos Studeos…best regards from me

Interesting work . do u also train students that are Interested in architectural design?

Hello Charles… Thank you for dropping by.
We do not train architects. Architectural design requires studying in a University or tertiary institution

Hello, I just came across ur blog for the first time and I’m in love with it already. Very Good job. Do u accept architecture students for industrial training?

Hello Olasumbo. We are yet to start receiving our first set of Industrial attaches.

A kind of kitchen most women will wanna trade for the other ROOMS………Beautifully rendered

Absolutely agree with you..!

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