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Maximizing your potential for Success


The will to win…

Make the move..! Yes, you can. The will to prepare to win is vital to your inclination to winning. Everyday businesses come with either boom (roars, rumbles) or lulls (quiets, calms). These come as naturally as we can imagine; for example, we are sad when the torrential rain upsets a beach party while on the other hand, we are happy when the sun comes up and allows us to party on the beach all day. If everything we do goes fluffy and easy, then the dictionary won’t have meanings for words like strength and endurance.

If you have the will to win, you have achieved half your success; if you don’t, you have achieved half your failure. – David Ambrose

As a professional who is willing to become very successful, you need to add the willingness to get better every day to your to-do list; whether you are in a boom or in a lull. We are all like fishes; every flick of our tail and our side fins determines our positions in the stream and whenever we find ourselves in rapidly moving waters; we must equally swim harder and faster against the currents, as only dead fish swim along with the stream.

chronos fish-jumpingYour great performances should be celebrated, but it should not create room for negligence, carelessness and laxity. Demand to be better. Ask questions. Learn more. Challenge yourself with uncomfortable tasks. Transform your weaknesses into strengths. Think smarter. Plough your creativity. Improve your physical stamina by exercising regularly. Improve your brain stamina by solving puzzles and most importantly, always have fun.

Scared of failure?

See any setback you encounter, as a chance to improve. Careers and businesses come with ups and downs, and no matter your current situation, boom or lull; it will change.

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward: they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” Goethe

The best you can do is to be adaptable to that change when it comes. In difficult times, just close your eyes and say to yourself; keep swimming, little fish, don’t stop swimming.

Chronos Studeos

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Great post Hussein. My favourite part:”In difficult times, just close your eyes and say to yourself; keep swimming, little fish, don’t stop swimming”

Thanks for the inspiring write-up. I wish all youngsters read this piece in order to prepare them for challenges in life. Keep it up guys in Chronoes.

Love d motivational expressions

i keep coming back to read this post.. I really like it..

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