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My Internship Experience at Chronos Studeos – Simi Sogbesan


Hello, my name is Sogbesan Simisola, and this is the story of my internship program at Chronos-Studeos.

In accordance with the Nigerian university regulation, all undergraduates have to go through a period of work experience in their chosen career that is relevant to professional development prior to graduation. And so basically I had 6 months of internship experience at Chronos Studeos. Now, searching for a firm was not easy for me, because I applied at different places, including Chronos Studeos, before I eventually was taken at Chronos Studeos. I had also ushered at Chronos-Studeos’ “Creative Architects” Event at the University of Lagos in 2015.

To cut the long story short, I started working at Chronos on the 10th of June 2016. My first day was nice and everyone was friendly (and they always have been). I got to the office really early that day and thought “oh yes I’d be the first person there”. I was wrong, I was actually the last to arrive. Every other person was already there and I was shocked. Nevertheless, everyone welcomed me well.  My impression from that day was that everyone was super competent! How was I going to fit in or cope?. Hassan later told me to brace myself that I was going to be working really really  really hard and I remember smiling and thinking “bring it on”.

This is my “bring it on” face

Shortly after my first day, I was giving my first project which was to come up with architectural drawings for a residential apartment. The challenging part of this project was that I had to use Revit. I dreaded Revit.  My supervisor, Arc Emmanuel Akintayo told me I had to complete and submit it the next morning.  I did my best and completed it,  and I felt so proud of myself. My supervisor gave his review of my work with the words “this is not how to do working drawings”. Ouch!

He then showed me some examples of drawings and went on to break down the process of using Revit for me and for that I am really grateful.

I had the opportunity of working on another interesting project, of which I was to come up with a design for a Farm. This was very exciting for me because I never thought that I would be allowed to take on a huge project like this as an intern!  My boss (Hassan) and I sketched out a few layouts for the farmhouse and I took those drawings and drew them in Revit. I used this opportunity to step up my Revit game.

Then came Creative Architects 2016, which is an event hosted by Chronos Studeos every year. We prepared a lot for this event, I prepared a lot for this event, it was my first time taking part in something that big. I also ushered for the event, I was the lead usher (most of you must have seen me that day). I learnt a lot that day, awesome speeches from Hassan Anifowose, Tosin Oshinowo and Hussein Anifowose. It was a successful event.

Me with attendees at the Creative Architects 2016 event

As a result of my internship program in Chronos Studeos, I have been part of teams working on interesting projects, working on actual plans, sections, elevations and details of the building that will be built in the near future or are already under construction. It has been a great opportunity to understand how processes work. From minor changes in accordance with clients’ wishes, I have come to understand how many steps to take forth and back in a project. I very much enjoyed being part of this process, seeing the projects develop and at the same time learning as much as I can.

My Chronos family at the Creative Architects event 2016

Chronos Studeos has shown me a variety of possibilities of the architectural field and I am looking forward to starting my professional life once I graduate. The opportunities and exposure I was given as an intern are what every student should experience. My experience during my short stay in Chronos Studeos continues to feed my passion for architecture and what my future holds.

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