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Part 1: So You Want To Be An Architect?


Tell anybody “I’m an architect” and you’ll likely earn instant respect and plaudits, even from those who may be silently thinking, “Nice! But what does an architect actually DO all day?”

Deemed to be more a calling akin to that of an artist than a job borne of a desire to earn the big bucks, architects have even been voted number one in a poll of ‘The Sexiest Professionals’.

But returning to that bystander’s silent thought: if you are a student yet to enter the profession, or maybe just a fan of architectural design and art, you may like to hear direct from someone who lives and breathes architecture.

Chronos Studeos' 3D Animation Supervisor Hassan Anifowose
Chronos Studeos’ 3D Animation Supervisor Hassan Anifowose

We thought we’d try to answer your questions with a relaxed Q&A with Chronos Studeos architect and 3D Animator and Supervisor Hassan Anifowose.

Wish me luck as if this goes wrong I could find myself writing out my CV for a new job tomorrow!

So, Hassan, architecture: is it a profession or a calling for you?

Hmm. Tough question. Well, architecture is a calling for me as well as a profession, but I guess they are mingled together. I fell in love with architecture 15 years ago whilst studying building plans produced by a local draughtsman (a friend of my father). As a matter of fact, before I went to University to study architecture, I designed a 3-floor hospital (floor plans only), which I was really proud of and cherished so much. I always tried my very best in my studies and activities and I derive boundless joy by simply thinking. Because I’m so busy with work I’m no longer such a big fan of novels but I read a lot about architectural designs and leadership.

Can you tell us a little about Chronos Studeos? How and when did you strike out on your own?

The genesis of Chronos Studeos came when I noticed that only a few firms were providing CAD services well integrated with multimedia and 3D visualizations. So I asked myself, “If this is not really happening, why can’t I make it happen?” So, gradually, I built up a team of young, vibrant and creative guys and we started delivering visualization services for architectural companies.

Team Chronos: Close, committed and energized by their work
Team Chronos: Close, committed and energized by their work

It took three more years of intense, behind-the-scenes work, never giving up on the dreams, during which I worked in a first generation bank’s corporate marketing department and a design and construction company.

Harnessing all the knowledge I could, I ventured out, signing up the very best possible hands I could find, and yes, they continue to be the greatest hands.

As a team of architects who have shared the highs and lows of our profession, and recognise in each other a real energy and passion for what we do, we love and respect each other more every day.

How many people work at Chronos Studeos and what does it feel like for you, working alongside a team?

The team at Chronos Studeos has consistently grown over the past few years as we are always working to expand both the team and the company. At the moment, we number a little over a dozen employees.

Hmmm.. working with a team is a well-emphasized subject in architecture, plus 3D visualization, and with the team here at Chronos Studeos it is an incredible feeling to know that one is working alongside highly capable brains, and we all preach great team spirit, which is incredibly important.

Some members of the Chronos Studeos team (from back to front): Hassan Anifowose, Yemi Olayiwola, Layeni Tiamiyu, and Olumide Oshikoya
Some members of the Chronos Studeos team (from back to front): Hassan Anifowose, Yemi Olayiwola, Layeni Tiamiyu, and Olumide Oshikoya

The team in our London office is also growing and it is a great working experience synchronizing our works and ideas across continents, and we bond by coming together to both work and play.

You studied the work of Sir Richard Rogers at the Federal University of Technology, Akure. Is he your professional hero or is there another whose work most inspires you?

Richard Rogers is an amazing architect and, yes, I have read a lot about his work. However, he isn’t the only professional hero I have my eyes on.

I also admire Rem Koolhas and Mies Van de Rohe, plus I’ve enjoyed the honour of working with Nsimah Emediong, Mauricio Amado and Professor Olumide Olusanya. I’ve learnt a great deal from their various experiences and styles of architecture, all of which I highly respect.

Except for your primary role as a Director at Chronos Studeos – a fact which reminds me to ask are you comfortable and can I get you a drink, sir? – how would you describe your average day? You specialise in CAD and 3D animations, yes?

A drink, yes. Maybe a Lemonade, a Soda, a glass of Mojito or Pina Colada. [Laughter]. In all seriousness, though, since the tasks we undertake are mentally challenging and require maximum endurance – and because the day doesn’t follow the usual office hours of starting work at 9 am and finishing at 5 pm – the aroma of coffee is one enjoyed in the atmosphere of our office.

Hassan Anifowose is working alongside the rest of the Chronos Studeos team for an even brighter future for all those who work at the company in Nigeria and England
Hassan Anifowose is working alongside the rest of the Chronos Studeos team for an even brighter future for all those who work at the company in Nigeria and England

Yes, we specialize in 3D visualizations and animations. My average day is really quite busy with just a few minutes break here and there as, alongside my other work I also attend project review meetings with the team and clients.

I often spend the early hours overseeing works from other team members and reviewing progress, as well as checking up on our online presence before settling down at my desk for my visualization works. All projects must undergo our strict quality control and assurance levels before final delivery to clients.

On average, how long does a project take from the first sketch drawings to completion?

Project delivery times vary according to the scale of works. Some 3D visualization-only projects take a couple of days to complete, while others take weeks. It really depends on the scope of work and deliverables, which can range from producing high-end still shots, to compiling them in interactive multimedia formats. Animations can take from weeks to months (animation storyboarding, key framing and render time inclusive) and this means we are working at full capacity.

What aspect of your job do you find most rewarding?

Clients’ honest feedback. Hearing a client on the ‘phone, or reading their facial expressions, and seeing how impressed they are about a submission is really the key and, yes, any business would be lying if they didn’t say they enjoy seeing the cheques roll in for a completed job.

A satisfied client helps you define a new standard for subsequent works and also, it is just another assurance that there might be a referral from him.

And if you weren’t an architect what would you be? A rock singer, an actor? Any hidden talents you want to share with us?

I’ve lost my dancing skills over the past few years, but I could do the Michael Jackson moonwalk (I bet we all tried that out when we were kids), and I could also do some street dance. However, I have practically hidden that part of me since I became much busier in the profession. [Laughter].

Really, if I could not be an architect, I would be more likely to pursue a career in motion graphics, computer programming or computer engineering. I could survive with some skills in that field for a non-professional like myself, till date.

We hope you enjoyed this insight into the daily work of Hassan and come back for further insights in Part 2.
We hope you enjoyed this insight into the daily work of Hassan and Chronos Studeos. We look forward to welcoming you back for further insights in parts 2 and 3.

Click here to enjoy So You Want To Be An Architect? Part 2 in which Hassan Anifowose talks CAD visualization, the most fulfilling parts of the life of an architect, and the value of technology in the workplace. 

In the meantime, you can learn more about Chronos Studeos architect and CAD animator Hassan Anifowose at LinkedIn

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Comments (16)

Awesome! I’m really wowed with the high-end quality productions Chronos Studeos showcases, and I’m glad to have studied in architecture school with some of you guys! I have much respect for the discipline and work ethics you bring to the table. We go collabo sometime ahead. Cheers! Big ups

thank you Posi, I really appreciate you dropping a comment.. and sure we go collabo sometimes soon.. keep up the good work of “you should be here”.. did i get that right?

What else should we expect….!!! I enjoyed every bit of this interview…Very soon..,I am gonna patronise u guys…or what do u think? Keep the good work up bro. kudos to u and ur team.

So proud of you and yeah, I still play chess thanks to u.

chess.. oh yeah… i can still win if we play.. laughs.. wow.. that was years ago..

Sincerely cortex,u guys hav inspired me and made me change some of my decision.thanks….

remain inspired..!!

@busayooginni (btwo)

Hey Hassan, I must confess…I’m very proud of you. Keep the ball rolling… bigger goals will be scored!

thank you busayo.. we are inspired by your comment.. thanks

Great, inspiring, revealing and above all refreshing.

The journey to the top is not a straight line, a lot of zigzag but the end point would never shift, it remains constant.

It sure takes guts and a lot of self trust to embark on a project which you dont hope to turn back from so keep inspiring.

I have worked with Cortex from a distance and I feel like I ave always known him for a while, he is surely someone I want to look around and find trailing me, standing by, or simply giving a smile of approval, then I can say to myself, I sure cannot go wrong in this.

Now Chronos, this is a point in time, there will be more points in time, both the up and the low and the near misses (google founders at one time put up their search engine for sale to rival search engine – Excite – for $1m and the guy on top of the other company would not even buy google from them for $750k cos it was so not worth it).
This was a point in time for google guys but now there is another point in time for them, a point where they can just imagine the google self driving car or the google glass and invest extra cash into it no matter how long it too to get it right.

Get wisdom… We cant go wrong!

Thanks Sen.. and Just as Joanne said, I am grateful.. And as I always tell you, you are MENTOR..!!! Keep the inspiration coming sir.. thank you as always

Hello Sen.

Thanks for your very kind words of encouragement. I’m sure Cortex will be grateful for your words, all of which I agree to be true. However, as he himself stressed as we did this interview, he’s just one member of an amazing team.

I’m proud to make my own small contributions – when compared to what everyone else does – to help spread the word about the quality work and commitment of every member of the Chronos Studeos workforce.

Thanks again, Sen, and thanks too to everyone else who left us a response. I hope you enjoy the next parts of the interview.

Ever since the day I met you I know that the sky is your starting point ….I am so proud of you .

God bless Chronos studeos and all you lay your hands on to do.

Will sure be a client too pretty soon.

Great job Super Friendie!

My super friendie.. You are one of the wonderful people I have met.. and I think our meeting was the funniest ever..! epic.. (I will not mention that here.. lol).. thanks for the support always.. I am glad you dropped by..

Great job! Very inspiring.

This is very inspiring to me.
I’m an entry level drafter.
I hope that soon I can find a team with an open spot in this type of enviorment. I love working with 3D and creating animations along with complex renderings. Not to forget the endless possibilites to be created and 3D printed.

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