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The Making of Prudent Energy Headquarters Office Building in Lagos

prudent energy headquarters

The Prudent Energy Headquarters was a welcome project for the Chronos team. Our client wanted an office design that would reveal the company’s core ideals and aimlessly represent the brand’s identity. Prudent Energy is a trusted growth partner in energy and commodities, with a team of African professionals driven to deliver value to industries across Nigeria. The office building is located in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. On this project, we were tasked with the Architectural Design Revision and also worked with the schematic design Architect (Alain Chamoun) and Contractor (Al Mansur) towards achieving a successful execution.

prudent energy headquarters
Street view of the Prudent Energy Group Office at Ikeja, Lagos

The Project SITE

Designed on a relatively small and corner-piece site, the office building is a 5-storey structure featuring two major wings and a core. It was designed to house the various departments and office operations of Prudent Energy alongside their subsidiary companies comprising the basement parking spaces, open office arrangements, a central lift, and flanking fire escape stairs. The site was specifically constrained as a corner piece and several iterations were made for optimal vehicular site circulation and parking in the basement.


The façade was optimized for maximum daylighting into the office workspaces alongside its aesthetical impact. Daylight distribution is improved via double glazed openings with reduced UV impact from the sun. Horizontal strips also providing shading, conceptually provide bracing support for three major vertical features forming a rather robust and dominant elevation on the access road. The effectiveness of this daylighting solution was confirmed via design software enabling the design team match local sun path and data with the building/site orientation.

entrance vault

The entrance features a high vault bridged by a canopy to provide shade during drop-off or pick-up. The concept stemmed off from the need to create a welcoming entrance – although tucked between both wings, must have the capability to attract attention. A ratio of 1.8 was worked out between the width and height to provide the best possible framing as it plays a significant role in the aesthetic appeal of the building. The highly geometric entrance was kept simple with only vertical and horizontal features.

Simplistic Interiors

The interior spaces are designed to reflect a simplistic and modern corporate office revealing the company’s ethos for simplicity in operations and interface with customers. With open workspaces to foster easy collaborations for the team members. We maximized clear spatial demarcations which allow spaces to extend into bigger ones without visual obstructions. A simple colour scheme was developed to create a sense of larger volume regardless of the limited size of spaces – you can say Architects know much about space optimization.

prudent energy headquarters

Corporate Ambience

A neutral scheme with a striking pop of orange – the spatial ambience for the project was derived from the corporate brand scheme, every room designed to create the Prudent Energy experience – a reminder of what the organization represents and an excellent way to keep these values embedded in the heart of every employee. We decided to throw in some plants to create a welcome connection between design and nature.

Vibrant Furnishing

Sleek and vibrant – the furniture fitting was provided by Creative Design. To guide this process, the Chronos Team created detailed design visualizations preceded by several design sketches. The aim was to create a simple yet energizing work environment for the workforce. Hence, the choice of materials for flooring, window coverings, shelving, and general furnishing maintained the accent colours which served this purpose.

Prudent Energy Headquarters

Outstanding Areas

A beautiful array of recessed lighting adorns the executive reception area, exhibiting the warm and welcoming ambience a reception should have. Unique drop lights hang from the ceiling, amplifying the modern design style which we adopted. The elegant front desk is the first thing to get your attention when you step in; adjacent to this is the conveniently arranged waiting area with furniture arranged in comfortable clusters.

The lounge area is a clear reflection of relaxation, maintaining the neutral scheme with the repetition of the brand colours, a detailed room divider elevates the room’s appeal, a pleasant inclusion of potted plants adds life to the space and the featured artworks give more personality to the area.

The conference room featured a collection of bold furniture with ambient recess lighting creating the right atmosphere for deliberate business discussions.

The prudent Energy project was a highlight for the Chronos team, of course like most architectural Projects, it did not come without its challenges but this only gave us an opportunity to produce results leaving our clients impressed and highly satisfied.

– Arc. Olumide Oshikoya (Project Design Lead)

Credits & Recognition

  • Schematic Design – Alain Chamoun
  • Design Fidelity – Kunle Ologun (Lead 3D Visualizer)
  • Visualization – Kunle Ologun & Tosin Olufon
  • Detailed Design and Construction Management – Olumide Oshikoya (Architect, Executive) & Lekan Akinyemi (Architect, Executive)
  • Construction – Al Mansur Contracting
  • Photographs – Ruby’s Polaroid 
  • Furniture – Creative Design

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