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VIDEO: The Secrets of 3D Visualization – A Presentation by Hassan Anifowose


In our latest video presentation from Creative Architects: Talks + Exhibition, Architect, visualization artist and co-founder of Chronos Studeos, Hassan Anifowose speaks about every aspect of the architectural visualization process and takes questions from his audience of University of Lagos students.

Accompanied by numerous slides, including renders from various stages of a project, Hassan offers valuable tips and insights, the likes of which are a testament to his years of experience working for clients across Africa and overseas. 

Click the button below to download the presentation slides.

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Please be sure to return here in the days ahead for our third and final Creative Architects video with the full talk, plus a question and answer session, with Lineguage Studios animator Chris Okonkwo on The “Art” of Presentation.

In the meantime don’t miss our previous video presentation in which Gregg Ihenyen (Architect and Executive Director and co-founder of Interarchtiv Media) focused on The Business of Architecture – A Young Architect’s Earning Potential.


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thanks a lot choureh..! thanks for being there all the time..

nice one, bro. I know i will meet you in-person one day

I do really look forward to meeting you Yinka. It has been more than a year of interaction and over 3 projects collaboration.. Lol. We are really due for a one-on-one.. Thanks for dropping by.

i’m inspired, thanks for sharing your slides. I’ll soon share my first model with you

looking forward to seeing your work Steve

You are very talented. I am so happy to have happened upon this site.

Thanks Makeda. I hope you keep visiting the site and explore the resources we have on here. We are glad to have you..

thanks for the slides

I’m inspired…well done boss.

Hello & thanks for your comment. I am glad you learnt something

Awesome Presentation Sir. Always keeping us on the need to know.

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