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Video: “Who I Am…”- Theo Lawson speaks at Creative Architects


Drawing a bridge between his experiences learning and practising architecture in two very different generations and cultures, Theo Lawson (founder of Total Consult Ltd and partner at Lawson+Odeinde) speaks about his background in art and how that has informed his work over the years.

The very versatile architect, who was the first speaker at Creative Architects 2017 (Lagos) shared in a quiet, witty “wise old owl” fashion who he was, and lessons he had learned. “Every idea has its time”, says Lawson, “you may just be its messenger.”


Well-known for his restorative projects- the Freedom Park and Kalkuta Museum, he gives an insider’s account of how those remarkable projects were birthed and executed.

Life lessons

He ends his presentation by very briefly, running through his life lessons. A few are:

  • Know yourself and what you stand for.
  •  As much as you can, be honest. Especially to yourself.
  •  Think of providing a solution to a problem and not imposing a vision.
  •  Know the difference between style and fashion.
  •  Care about your client, not your ego.

It was a long list, really!

Watch this inspiring video to get a pointer to finding WHO YOU ARE and how you can channel that knowledge as a creative person…

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Really Inspiring, cheers Chronos!

Thank you, ‘Bharhz’! Glad you enjoyed the blog post and video. Be sure to check out the others when they are posted. You will definitely find them helpful. All the best!

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