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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Why you should use XRefs for Large Scenes in 3Ds Max


As Architects, we know how important is time. After all, time is money, right? More than that, though, time is also at a premium when working in such a high pressured environment as the world of architecture and 3D visualization. With so many people relying on us, we cannot afford to waste those precious hours at our desks.

For our latest video tutorial, I will show you how to save render time and hardware resources by using XRefs in 3Ds Max while working on very large scenes.

Chronos Studeos Video Tutorial - Xrefs in 3dsmax 1a

Chronos Studeos Video Tutorial - Xrefs in 3dsmax 3

huge scene with xref 3dsmax chronos studeos

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Meanwhile, rest assured we’ll be bringing you more video tutorials in the very near future.

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