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Video: Architectural Photography – Tolulope Sanusi Speaks at Creative Architects


Tolulope Sanusi is an architect and the founder of Ruby’s Polaroid, an Architectural Photography Consultancy based in Lagos, Nigeria and popular for their great photographs of building interiors and exteriors. She was also the winner of The Competition 2016 by Chronos Studeos, the first female winning solo entry.

Tolu’s presentation involved sharing a lot of helpful advice from her own years of experience. Below are highlights of her insightful session during the Creative Architects 2019 workshops:

Photography is simply telling a story with light. In order to get the best results while photographing buildings (their interiors inclusive), you have to look out for the right timing.

Start with your phone and train your eyes to see what others don’t. What makes photographing people different from photographing buildings? You have to put a lot of thought into architectural photography.

In order to be able to take pictures people can appreciate, one must know and apply a few key principles. You also have to pay attention to your process and how you go about your work.

She first shared a few points one must take note of when taking pictures of building exteriors and interiors, and then went on to speak briefly about a few principles which when put together, make for a well-photographed image, as well as one that does not look “over-processed” at the end of the day. These include Framing Compositions for building exteriors, and Lighting and Specialized Lenses for building interiors. The other major points of discussion are highlighted below:


– The Rule of Thought
– The Golden Ratio
– Visual Balance

Software used in organising files and editing images

– The Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw etc.)

Miss Sanusi went on to explain her creative process, as well as some of the Dos and Don’ts, beginners need to take note of in approaching each project.

Looking to start your architectural photography journey but unsure of how to begin? Or perhaps you already have some experience in the field but you need to hear what someone who knows their way around the block has to say about how to put out the best quality work?

Watch the FULL VIDEO below to gain a better understanding of the pointers and concepts highlighted above.

You can also download her presentation by clicking the text below:

Creative Architects 2019 Tolulope Sanusi Workshop Slides

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