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Photos of The Admiralty Road Residence: Client’s Success Story & What We Learnt


Photo summary of how our works sold the Admiralty Road Project

When we got called up by the client, an Estate Development Company, they were in need of an ultimate solution to complete the residential project and sell it within the shortest possible time to the best possible buyer. We have been hired to enhance the original architectural designs, create detailed drawings, supervise project construction, produce 3D visualizations AND create an interactive and mobile-friendly website to promote and ultimately sell a new build residence originally designed by DKR Associates in the prestigious Lekki area of Lagos”.

The timescale: Only six (6) months. Here comes the ultimate question..

How did we do it?

As Architects and Visualizers, we are well used to working crazy hours to succeed in what we do. This time around, though, there were definitely a few raised eyebrows in the Chronos Studeos office when we actively embarked on this triple whammy commission. Sheer commitment, our desire to satisfy our client and a couple of Red Bull drinks did the magic.

Did we succeed? To paraphrase President Barack Obama:

Yes we did!

We, therefore, thought while the building is being completed for occupancy, we’d share with you the highs and the lows of working night and day to help our client achieve their ultimate desire; to sell this property in less time than even we would have thought humanly possible. Below is what the client said about our involvement.

I always knew I chose the right team. Everyone was committed to the goal from the beginning and that was the most amazing thing – KSO (Greer Estates)


Architectural Drawing Admiralty Road Residence Fence Detail by Chronos Studeos
We produced more details for the design and got them ready for construction
grill details
Everything was detailed and good to go for sub-contractors to commence fabrication


Admiralty Road exterior 3D visualization by Chronos Studeos Luxury Home in Lekki in Lagos Nigeria
3D visualizations were created from the design drawings to further guide the construction process

Admiralty-Road-exterior-rendering-3D-visualization-by-Chronos-Studeos-Luxury-Home-Lekki-Lagos-Nigeria Admiralty Road 3D Architecture Interior Design Company Chronos Studeos Luxury living in Lekki Lagos Nigeria

Admiralty Road Architectural Exterior 3D Architectural Visualizations by Chronos Studeos Luxury living in Lekki Lagos Nigeria
Building construction nearing completion & handover. 3D visuals and drawings were largely followed

Admiralty Road Housing Development Chronos Studeos Architects Luxury house in Lekki Lagos NigeriaLagos-Luxury-Home-Admiralty-Road-exterior-3D-visualization-by-Chronos-Studeos-Luxury-Home-and-car-in-Lekki-in-Lagos-Nigeria (1)

Admiralty Road Greer Estates exterior entrance 3D visualization by Chronos Studeos Luxury Home in Lekki in Lagos Nigeria

Admiralty Road Housing Development Chronos Studeos Architects Luxury living in Lekki Lagos Nigeria
The grill details were shipped to the fabricator who simply plugged them up on site
Architecture Admiralty Road by Chronos Studeos Luxury living in Lekki Lagos Nigeria
The entrace gate was not spared. We practically detailed everything.

Admiralty Road landscaped exterior 3D visualization by Chronos Studeos in Lagos Nigeria - Quality paving luxury lifestyle
More 3D visualizations were created for the web marketing

Admiralty Road 3D Architecture Chronos Studeos with Greer Estates luxury living in Lekki Lagos NigeriaLagos-Luxury-Home-Admiralty-Road-exterior-3D-visualization-by-Chronos-Studeos-Luxury-Home-and-car-in-Lekki-in-Lagos-Nigeria (2)


Chronos Studeos’ Architects and Visualizers were so immersed in this project that it’s possible we spent more time going in and out of this luxury development than we did our own homes.

Of course, our role didn’t end at the front door. As you can see here, we were also committed to producing interior renderings & construction details while the client contemplated on building change of use from residential to commercial. We will however, share only very little of the design details at this point.

kitchen details 1
Design details created for a contemporary kitchen and sent to manufacturers in China

kitchen details 3


Admiralty Road reception interior 3D visualization by Chronos Studeos in Lagos Nigeria - Quality paving luxury lifestyle


Architecture company in Africa - Admiralty Road interior 3D visualization by Chronos Studeos in Lagos Nigeria


Once the Architects and other senior members of the team have removed their hard hats and returned to the comfort of their offices, content in the knowledge of a job well done, you’d expect us to file the project as ‘Completed’.

However, our role in the story didn’t end as while the building construction was ongoing, we had to do our bit in helping sell Admiralty Road.

This is where the Chronos Studeos branding & media team came in and their years of experience at building and maintaining websites was called upon. An mobile-friendly &  interactive website was born.

Admiralty Road Website Design and Branding by Chronos Studeos
Resolving the website landing page on Desktop

As you’ve already seen through our architectural drawings and 3D Visualizations, Admiralty Road is a very modern, hugely appealing property. Our media and design team therefore opted for a bright and equally modern look for the website via which the word would spread about the new property. The chosen yellow/black theme is largely a reflection from the client’s corporate branding theme, however, we decided to complement it with white (the universal colour). And so, we got the building ready for purchase and the website went LIVE to prospective buyers. Before we could say JACK, the building was SOLD while our client gazed on with bewilderment at such sales conclusion speed. We have helped him position his product in the best possible way which attracted just the right buyers he needed.

Chronos Studeos Web Design for 45 Admiralty Road - Designed & Constructed to give the best User Experience - Google Chrome
Page showing prospective buyers a quick summary of the development
45 Admiralty Road - Website Designed & Constructed by Chronos Studeos to give the best User Experience
Page showing approximate floor areas for the spaces
Admiralty Road Website Design and Branding by Chronos Studeos Designers Architects and Web Designers in Lagos Nigeria
A sketchup line rendering of the development inspired by Alex Hogrefe


Admiralty Road exterior 3D visualization by Chronos Studeos Architects - Purveyors of Luxury Living in Lagos Nigeria
Dusk Scene of the proposed finished Admiralty road development

We laughingly admit that it’s quite possible it took longer to design and implement the website than it did to sell the property! Not that we mind, as it means a job well done.

As the sun sets on our involvement with Admiralty Road, our Architects and Visualizers undoubtedly felt a great sense of accomplishment. More importantly, though, the client was equally happy to see Admiralty Road pass quickly and safely into the hands of the buyer.

One thing we have learnt about this project is summarized below as we haven’t only succeeded in completing the project, but we have also earned ourselves a very satisfied & loyal client.

Always give it your best. Your very best..!

As we close the book on our own journey from commission to completion of this project, we’re sure we’ll continue to feel a deep attachment to the building which we helped turn into a home. No doubt all future journeys we make through Lekki will fill us with a sense of pride and hope for our team and, indeed, local residents of Lagos as this vibrant, bustling city we love continues its march of progress and regeneration.

What do you think about this project. Be kind to comment & share with your friends.


The following Chronos Studeos team mates worked to ensure the success recorded on this project:

Chronos Studeos Architect Hassan AnifowoseHassan Anifowose

Architect, Visualiser & Animation Supervisor at Chronos Studeos

LinkedIn profile

Chronos Studeos Architect Femi OsewaFemi Osewa

Lead Visualizer, Designer, Strategist at Chronos Studeos

LinkedIn profile

Chronos Studeos Architect Oyebode OluwaseyiOyebode Oluwaseyi

Architect & Visualizer at Chronos Studeos

LinkedIn profile

Chronos Studeos Architect Olumide OshikoyaOlumide Oshikoya

Architect at Chronos Studeos

LinkedIn profile

 Oluseyi OlusanyaOluseyi Olusanya

Graphics Lead at Chronos Studeos

LinkedIn profile

James LinkedInJames Adekunle-Eyiaro

Architect at Chronos Studeos

LinkedIn profile

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Awesome! You guys continually raise the bar for the industry in Nigeria. Big UPS!!

Hello Posi.. Thanks for dropping by. We continually strive to give our best.. Our very best.. while ultimately giving value and satisfaction to our clients.. what else would we be doing anyway..??

Amazing. I see commitment to work. 6months is good time to do a lot.

how u make the plant on wall climbing pardon my english

Hi chan. The ivy plugin is here for download

I like how you guys achieved the construction detailing… 3D, like construction. nice.

Woow! Thumbs up for chronos! Keep making the WORLD a better PLACE. But seriously I can imagine the type of workstation you guyz are using. Kudos!

More grease to your elbows. Lovely one this is ; lovely one. Wishing you better successes in the not-too-distant future.

Great work. Good products sell themselves.

Working crazy is always part of architect. Proud of you bro.

A distinct genre of Architectural craft..welldone Hassan and the Team..

Welldone guys at Chronos Studeos, pls these your renderings are not different from a real life photo,what 3d application do your 3D visualizers use to get these kind of results? I wld like to learn too please help out.

Hi Emmanuel, thank you and please check out some of our tutorials post. You will find the information you seek


the write up portrayed the seemingly seamless transition from the initial call of client to final hand over to the buyer,i see innovation and creativity at play here,as the visualizations are not only meant to arouse the client but also to sell the product within the possible minimum time with the necessary aspect of branding and meeting the target group,honestly this for me is a booster and eye opener career wise .i enjoyed reading.

Fantastic job, Chronos team! Your designs are always inspirational. Kudos!

Thanks Essien.>!!

Kehinde (Kenny) Sokoya

Dear Architects,
I am extremely please and happy to see young, talented, hardworking professionals and firm like your in Lagos doing great work like this. You remained me all these contemporary African Archictecture of 1960’s by early Nigerian Architects like Late Muyiwa Oluwole, Alex Ekueweme, founders of Interstate Architects etc. Keep the good work. I will check you out whenever I am in Lagos.
Kenny Sokoya
Architect, Engineer and Urban Designer
California, USA.

Thanks very much sir.. And yes, we look forward to meeting you too. Our office address and phone numbers are on our contact page..!

This is an Amazing Work!! Detailed down to Final Phase. Job well done.

Amazing team, very detailed and commit to what ever they set their minds too. Good team players, works well with clients and we will be glad to work with your team.

Thank you so much. We are happy to work with you.

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