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VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to create realistic grass & a forest eco-system in 3Ds Max with Carbon Scatter


Following on from the success of our previous tutorials, today I will give a detailed, step-by-step tutorial showing how to easily create realistic grass and a forest eco-system in 3Ds Max with carbon scatter. In this tutorial, I have shown a very simple way to conserve your RAM resources while populating large vegetation scenes or close up realistic grass shots. HQ grass is freely shared online and can be downloaded. However, you will need to obtain a license to use Carbon Scatter for 3DsMax.

Download and see more about carbon scatter here

Also, download HQ grass from here or here – remember to click the option and select free download options all through.

Please watch the video to see a step-by-step approach in creating similar rich scenes for your projects.

Screenshot Grass tutorial
Collection of Mentor Plants HQ Grass 1
creating realistic grass
A rendering scene I completed using Carbon Scatter & HQ grass
populating ecosystem with carbon scatter
An ecosystem with dense foliage created with Carbon Scatter
Screenshot Grass tutorial 3
Importing a single tree model as native object
Screenshot Grass tutorial 5
A quickly rendered scene after using the carbon scatter algorithm

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We thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy what is only the latest in our exclusive video tutorials.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Comments (10)

Adebisi Oluwatosin.

Very big THANK YOU for this tutorial. It calmed my curiosity on wanting to know how you achieve realism in your grass and vegetation. I do have some questions however, do we have distributors or retailers of carbon scatter in Nigeria or we compulsorily have to buy via the internet?. Also, how do you create vegetation on trellises and sun breakers as done in one of your projects on recreational park?. Thanks for the tutorial again. Anticipating more!

Hi tosin. Thanks for dropping by. I dont know about any authorised distributors in nigeria but I am sure you can purchase online and get your license key. The vegetation on the trellises in our past project was done using ivy plugin. See link below

link to download guruware ivy generator scroll down to the bottom part of page to download

Hi hassan cortex idon’t know how much words can express my gratitude for all the excellent work u have done in educating masses, really remain grateful. Thus please where I can find the Autodesk authorized training centre in Northern west region.I am Revit Architecture and Sketchup user,but I don’t have any idea how to learn 3Dmax design. Therefore I would be grateful if u can give me ur usual assistance pls am deaf person. Thank you

Hello Lawan Mustapha. There is an authorized training centre in lagos Autodesk Authorised Training Centre
Education, Information Technology
22 Road, Damilola Plaza, 1st Floor, 2nd Avenue, Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria. I do not know any in the northern west region. There is also a training centre in portharcourt
Here is also a set of trusted guys you might want to explore..
email me [email protected] and we can explore further ways that I can help you.
cheers bro

Maikasuwa Muhammad Kabir

I’m short of words to say THANK YOU! I’m really into archiCAD myself bt I need more tutorial to be proficient on how to use the both for a better result especially I need to learn from an experienced pro like yourself

Hi Muhammad… there are more tutorials on these links which I follow and

Needed this and it came at d ryt time

Thanks again i’m grateful for giving me an opportunity. Can’t wait to start next step in 3Ds Max modelling pathway. Till then hear from you soon.Thanks Cortex

You are welcome Lawal.. cheers cheers..!

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