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Teamwork rocks – 1 year after winning The Competition 2015 – Osagie Omosigho


Good evening master Omosigho Osagie. Thank you for granting us this interview out of your busy schedule. Now, moving forward…..Let us get to know you. Tell us about your background

I appreciate Chronos Studeos for this opportunity on be-half of my team. I am from Edo state. I schooled in Covenant University where I obtained a B.SC in Architecture and was about to conclude my M.SC in Architecture when I participated in the design competition. I have great interest in spatial design and computational design.

Why did you enter the competition 2015?

My friends have always participated in the design competitions and I see how much they learn from competitions. So I continued to nurture that desire to reach for greater heights in Architecture.

I entered the competition so that I could participate in a national scale platform, to be exposed to a bigger world of design possibilities and innovation. To also broaden my horizon as we were given the opportunity to research and to foster the progress of my school (Covenant University) to the glory of God.

Do you think programs such as The Competition are a good way to discover talents in the architectural industry?

Yes I do. I also think it is a medium to push the limits of design beyond the norm. It is an innovative approach towards great solutions to the insatiable needs of people. We also recommend that more practices adopt this healthy exercise.

What were your challenges during The Competition 2015?

The brief was quite a challenge for its requirements. It really made us think of the best solution amongst all our options. “Creativity thrives in the presence of constraints” As an Architect, you might not always have the best of anything, but you should transform it to become the best.

The time was also a constraint at some point.


What has changed about your life and design mode since winning The Competition 2015?

Personally, I have seen the need for extreme improvement in whatever work I handle. In my approach to design, it has increased my willingness to collaborate and made me value SYNERGY.

I have also learnt to be more detailed in our design and visualization.

I have learnt to create a harmonious design through design process.

I have learnt to use the benefit of design thinking while designing, design thinking puts you the designer and researcher in an empathic situation with the people you are designing for.

I am learning to value the in-put of everyone. The lady in our team MARVIT AHANONU at that time just concluded 200 level and her contributions were priceless. LANRE ALAO and I were already collaborating before the competition came up. He is also a stickler for innovative designs.

How has it impacted on your attitude to life and success?

My resolve to go the extra mile on any given task has been strengthened.

It has also taught me to live with an attitude of being the best in my field and at what I do.

I see now that DESIGN THINKING can transform any space/building to the best.

If you could meet an architect you admire, what would your question to him or her be?

What did you find as a young Architect that has guided your major design principles today?

What has been your proudest moment as an architect?

When my team mates and I were receiving congratulatory calls as winners of the competition.


Do you have any words of advice for prospective contestants?

  • Leverage on the strengths of others (work as a team).
  • Communicate your design. Let your design speak something new.
  • Design should carry a depth of thought, expressed through an analytic design process approach.

We appreciate you Osagie for this interview. We wish you and your teammates’ great success in all your efforts.

  • Thank you.

Please read the FAQs about The Competition 2016

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