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I am more detailed since I won The Competition 2015 – Eni Aiyejusunle


Good evening Sir Enioluwa. Thank you for agreeing to speak with Chronos  Studeos out of your busy schedule.  We will love to know about you.  So tell us, who are you?

Dear God, Who am I?

Ok. My name is Aiyejusunle Enioluwa, A graduate of Architecture B.Sc and M.E.D from the University of Lagos. I am passionate about excellence and eliminating mediocrity both in my field and the Nation at large. I love music, I love playing the keyboard and the Bass Guitar and I love singing. Yeah I do. hehe

Wow, Music and Architecture? That is something.  So why did you enter the competition 2015?

I entered just for the fun of it. It’s been a while that students have been open to competitions or should I say we rarely have this kind of opportunity here in this part of the world.

Do you think programs such as The Competition are a good way to discover talents in the architectural industry?

Sure it is. Although I know it can be better. The Previous brief was a bit limiting, I think the next ‘The Competition’ should give more freedom to contestants to express their ideas and thoughts from start to completion.

What were your challenges during The Competition 2015?

Well combined with school activities and some other extra-curricular engagements, it was a bit difficult for me to strike a balance with timing but sure at the end, I was able to.

What has changed about your life and design mode since winning The Competition 2015?

It has expanded my views in the architectural industry. I notice more details in visualization and loopholes when criticizing others works.

Eni1How has it impacted on your attitude to life and success?

Now I push for more.  I always want to add that extra touch to everything  I do. I want to be excellent

If you could meet an architect you admire, what would your question to him or her be?

Can an Architect be Successful before 30?

What has been your proudest moment as an architect?

Seeing one of my favourite designs executed. That’s Proud

Do you have any words of advice for prospective contestants?

It’s Simple. Keep it Simple rather than Simplistic, and Be Detailed.

We appreciate you, Enioluwa for this interview. We wish you great success in your future endeavors.

Amen and thank you.



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