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Judges Announced for The Competition 2014


We appreciate that all those of you who are preparing to enter The Competition 2014 will invest huge amounts of time and energy into producing your very best CAD work.

It’s only right, therefore, that entries will be judged by some of the very best minds from within the architecture and animation industries here in Nigeria.

We are delighted to be able to confirm the names of the three distinguished architects who will judge your entries and ultimately decide the winner/s of The Competition 2014 at the University of Lagos.

The Competition 2014 by Chronos Studeos Landscape Option 2

To enter The Competition 2014, kindly click the registration button below. You shall receive a confirmation email immediately. Please keep your registration details in a safe place.

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Meanwhile, everyone here at Chronos Studeos would like to thank them for kindly agreeing to give their time and expertise to what we know will be a fantastic competition.

In no particular order, we are proud to announce the Judges of The Competition 2014:

Yinka Gbotosho 

The living legend that is Yinka Gbotosho.
The living legend that is Yinka Gbotosho.

There aren’t many people who can live up to the description of ‘living legend’.

However, within the 3D architectural visualization industry in Nigeria, Yinka Gbotosho has truly earned such lofty praise.

Most celebrated, perhaps, for his work in rehabilitating the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja in Lagos State, this esteemed architect and doctor of ontology and metaphor is also the CEO of CadMission.

We firmly believe that you are destined for a career right at the top of the architecture industry if, through your work, you can impress the man who has single-handedly done more than many to advance our profession in Nigeria and, indeed, beyond.

Cosmos Olatunbosun

Architect Bukola Olatunbosun
Architect Cosmos Olatunbosun

Since graduating in 2007 with a Masters degree in Architecture from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Bukola Cosmos has expanded his portfolio of work, the majority of which he has undertaken in Abuja and Lagos.

A member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects Abuja Chapter, Bukola Cosmos takes much of his architectural inspiration from centuries past. A keen proponent of the neoclassical movement, many of his projects display the clear influence of the “classical” art and culture of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

However, by kindly agreeing to join the judging panel at The Competition 2014, his keen eye will be very much focused on the bright future ahead for the architecture industry in Nigeria.

Seyi Akerele

Architect and lecturer Seyi Akerele.
Architect and lecturer Seyi Akerele.

An architect and lecturer in Research and Building Typology at the University of Lagos, from where he attained his Bachelor of Architecture Degree, Seyi Akerele also boasts a Masters Degree in Media Communication from the prestigious Pan-Atlantic University (formerly known as Pan-African University).

Keen to be recognised as an innovator of the practice of architecture, Seyi works tirelessly to educate the next generation of architects about creative and business strategies which can help a company standout from the competition.

Many years of experience in the field has resulted in an impressive portfolio of work which includes the following projects:

  • Dideolu Estate, Oniru
  • UPDC Salary Royal Estate, Abuja
  • Methodist Church Redevelopment, Olowogbowo, Lagos Island
With a CV which any architect would be proud to call their own, we are honoured to welcome Seyi onto the judging panel.

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