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The Competition 2014 by Chronos Studeos Landscape Option 2


Now is your time. That’s our message to every one of you as we launch The Competition 2014 to discover creative student architects in Nigeria.


VIDEO: Why We Chose Civic Centre Towers for The Competition 2014



LINK: Coming Soon: The Competition 2014




Cities all over the world are becoming more crowded. Demand for business and residential spaces is increasingly high. With limited land available for horizontal expansion, architects are looking towards the sky. However, although space in the sky is limitless, tall buildings have their own peculiar challenges, such as ecological and social problems, maintenance, solar control and crowd control.


Here in Nigeria, the city of Lagos has seen an increasing number of solutions proffered to the problem of overcrowding. A welcome boom in the construction industry has resulted in the appearance of skyscrapers and other similarly striking architecture, the likes of which cities such as New York and London would be proud to claim as their own.


To enter for The Competition 2014, kindly click the registration button below. You shall receive a confirmation email immediately with your registration details and the download link to the workfile. Please keep your registration details in a safe place.









The Civic Centre Towers is a commercial development (under construction) located along the popular Ozumba Mbaduwe lane of Victoria Island (VI) in Lagos, next to the picturesque waterfront of the Five Cowries Creek.


The Civic Centre Commercial Towers in Lagos are still under construction in Lagos, Nigeria.


When completed, the 15 storey building will serve national and international companies that want to leverage the strategic location and ultra-modern look of the building.


You are required to redesign the façade of the building using the provided layout plan and images as guide and submit 3D rendered perspectives and details of your façade design solution. Entries will be judged on the novelty of form, balance, façade functionality, sustainability and ingenuity of design. Entrants are free to go ‘designcentric’ with their submission(s) but forms must be buildable.


Supplementary information such as details, wireframe, sketches, concept development e.t.c. if submitted, will be added advantage.


Entrants will be judged on:


1. Ingenuity of form, i.e. inclination to problem-solving or solution-finding and not only aesthetics.


2. Quality of presentation (analysis compilation, render quality, camera positioning, scene composition – with or without present surrounding environment)




This competition is open only to all Architecture students of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Entries shall be accepted from students in all levels (undergraduates and postgraduate/masters). Also, students from other Universities in Nigeria who participate in the competition shall have chances of being among 10 worthy mentions and their works shall be showcased at the Creative Architects event on 13th May, 2014. They also stand to win internship opportunities at Brickstone Partners, in Lagos, Nigeria.







• Solo entry or team of not more than 2 students. Teamwork is encouraged.


• The building footprint at the ground level should be consistent with the supplied drawing.


• Total number of floors (15) must be maintained.


• Entrants are free to use any design/rendering software of choice


• Submitted images should be in popular readable formats such as *.JPG and *.PNG; in case of entrants submitting a pack, it is advisable to number the submission in chronological order or bind such images into a high resolution PDF


• Image should be at least 1000 pixels at the smallest side


• Submissions (if larger than 8mb, should be uploaded via and sent to


Submission deadline:


All submissions must be sent to on or before G.M.T midnight of 8th May, 2014.




1st prize:  24″ Screen HD-ready LED Monitor + 1-Day Presentation session with Team Chronos


2nd prize: 22″ Screen HD-ready LED Monitor


3rd prize:  21″ Screen HD-ready LED Monitor


In addition, 10 honourable mentions will be showcased at the Creative Architects (Talks + Exhibition) event at the University of Lagos on 13th May, 2014.


Hassan Anifowose briefly speaks on the story of the new Civic Centre Towers in Lagos which we have chosen for the subject of The Competition 2014.


Click on Video below to watch

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