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Creative Architects: Talks + Exhibition Event


On May 13th, 2014, the University of Lagos will be hosting Creative Architects: Talks + Exhibition at which the winners of The Competition 2014 will be announced.

However, the day won’t only be of interest to those who have submitted their best CAD work in the hope of winning both prizes and plaudits. As well as celebrating a new generation of architects, the Creative Architects symposium will include presentations by a number of guest speakers who have made the successful transition from student to fully fledged architects and/or animators.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us in the Julius Berger Hall at the University of Lagos on Tuesday 13th May to meet with other creatives from the architecture and CG industry during the exhibition. The talks session will be hosted by the following guest speakers, who are respected and well-known for their experiences in the Industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet them and hear their real life experiences and methods for success. Admission is on seat reservation. Click the button below to reserve a seat.

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Gregg Ihenyen

Architect and entrepreneur Gregg Ihenyen.

At the cutting edge of the architecture industry in Nigeria, thanks to his role as Executive Director and Co-founder of InterARCHtivMedia, Architect and Entrepreneur Gregg Ihenyen boasts an impressive CV which spans all realms of the profession.

Respected for a tenacious approach which helps deliver only the best results, Gregg brings a wealth of architectural experience to the auditorium due to his former role as a Design Architect at one of Nigeria’s Premier Real Estate Companies. 

During his time at the Lekki based firm, he oversaw the work undertaken on commercial and luxury developments and went on to rejuvenate the commercial subsidiary. This was an especially impressive feat as it came at a time when Nigeria was suffering the adverse effects of the economic meltdown.

Showing an ability to adapt with ease and enthusiasm to the new direction his career was taking, in 2010 Gregg moved from the Real Estate company to take on an apprenticeship at a leading visualization company at which he learnt all aspects of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Gregg’s dedication resulted in an ability to produce stunningly realistic impressions and winning design proposals, as well as a firm belief in “the use of Design tools as a means to an end and not an end in itself.”

Gregg is also a keen advocate for architects to harness the art, business and science of architecture. It was because of his determination to practice what he preaches by combining his passions for business and architecture with 21st Century media that Gregg co-founded InterARCHtivMedia. The company reports on all aspects of the architecture industry, with particular focus given to architecture and the environment.

As an employee of Lavaar Atelier in Lagos, Gregg has initiated and managed building remodelling and renovations; Total Design and Consultancy, construction supervisions, finishing and fit-outs for residential and commercial projects.

As a former CAD student with boundless energy and an enduring commitment to architecture, we feel Gregg is the right man to speak on the architecture industry and he, like us, will look forward to seeing if you too have what it takes to follow in his footsteps and embark on a long and successful career at the top of our industry.

Don’t miss Gregg’s presentation at the University of Lagos titled The Business of Architecture: Young Architects’ Earning Potential. 

Chris Okonkwo 

The founder and CEO of Lineguage Studios Ltd., and co-founder and former creative director of Kuluya, Chris Okonkwo is also a versatile Creative Director who, thanks to his keen eye for detail, will be as eager as the rest of us to see the CAD talent on display at the University of Lagos.

Chris Okonkwo is widely respected in the animation industry for his already extensive portfolio of work.

A widely respected Illustrator, Animator, and Graphic Artist, Chris often signs off his work under the pseudonym of Jydekris.

However, his wealth of experience doesn’t end with the advertising industry. He has also enjoyed great success in Game development, Fine Arts, and Digital Arts.

CHRIS OKONKWO (Creative Director, founder and CEO of Lineguage Studios Ltd.) presents The “Art” of Presentation: A Showcase of Lineguage’s Works.

Hassan Anifowose

Architect and CG Visualization Artist Hassan Anifowose.

More widely known by the nickname of Cortex, Hassan Anifowose is a young architect and CG visualization artist who, in 2007, set up the architecture, visualization and multimedia firm Chronos Studeos.

Keen to encourage young architects and CG artists who harbour a similar talent and passion for the subject, Hassan regularly hires new young minds to join the constantly expanding Chronos Studeos team as they undertake projects for clients in Africa and beyond.

Before setting up Chronos Studeos, Hassan studied for five years to achieve a B.Tech in Architecture from the Federal University of Technology in Akure. He was the CAD Manager for Project & Design Associates in Akure, following which he was hired as the architect to oversee on-site delivery of schedules and design updates for the NSITF Towers renovations in Lagos. Hassan has also successfully completed a Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Lagos.

A Graduate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects whose design, ‘SOHO Living for Urban Professionals’ made it to the 2nd stage of the World Architecture News (WAN) Awards in December 2012, Hassan also regularly contributes articles here on the company website, specialising in 3D visualization, 3D concepts, keyframing, lighting and animation tips.

Amongst the highlights in an increasingly large portfolio of works by the Chronos Studeos team of architects and 3D visualizers, are the Project Monrovia and Lekki Gardens animations, as well 3D visualizations for OFON offshore living quarters, Omega Towers, Twin lakes project, the Nigerian Army armoured personnel carrier(APC), the NCDMB headquarters building and many other private residences.

Hassan constantly looks forward to contributing his expertise on architecture and 3D visualization to the Architectural design & CG world.
Hassan is greatly looking forward to Creative Architects: Talks + Exhibition at which he will present Through The Wireframe: The Secrets of 3D Visualization.

Creative architects 2014 julius berger hall unilag

We look forward to welcoming each and every one of you to what will undoubtedly be a very special day as we discuss and celebrate architecture and CG animation talent from across Nigeria at…

Creative Architects: Talk + Exhibition
Julius Berger Hall @ The University of Lagos

Tuesday 13th May 2014 (9am onwards)

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