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Mitsubishi Showroom in Victoria Island Gets an Upgrade

Mitsubishi Showroom - Victoria Island, Lagos

The Chronos team was contracted to handle the Mitsubishi Showroom upgrade and we were thrilled to present a noteworthy structure to our clients. From the brief to the design, construction and handover, every aspect of the project contributed to the remarkable structure sitting pretty in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. As you know, we’re all about sharing the process and we can’t hold back this time. So let’s dive in.

The Brief

Our task was to upgrade the showroom in line with the recommendations from the Mitsubishi International design manual and handle the installation of the prefabricated façade.

The focus was on maintaining an outlook that was consistent with the Mitsubishi brand. After getting the details of the design brief, we put all hands on deck to create several design iterations until we arrived at a satisfactory selection by the client.

The Design

We adopted a modern showroom trend based on the specifications we were given. We also had to consider constraints like material availability, project funding and client preferences when conceptualizing the design.

The Resplendent Exterior

The showroom’s façade projects a dynamic black slope hewn from a perforated metal cladding. Receding black and white elements highlight the slope and introduce vitality to the design.  A sleek and luminous canopy adorns the entrance, giving visitors a befitting welcome.

Mitsubishi Showroom - Victoria Island, Lagos

The Bold Interior

The showroom’s lighting is layered with suspended and recessed ceiling lights to improve the ambience. A harmonious combination of white, grey and black enriches the showroom’s interiors, creating an audacious space.

Glazed walls define the surrounding framework,  giving visitors an enticing glimpse at the array of vehicles within. The illuminated black backdrop behind the reception desk makes a statement with the three diamonds and creates visual satisfaction. Skeletal steel stairs connect users to the top floor which houses other offices within the building. 

Mitsubishi Showroom - Victoria Island, Lagos

Site Work

We handled the interior renovation including demolition of walls, painting works, tile, and façade installations. As you can expect, this was a major aspect of the project and involved a great amount of input.

We paid attention to the coordination and site supervision. We also appreciate the artisans for coming through. Every project has its own quirks, and despite the various constraints, we completed the site just in time. 

Mitsubishi Showroom - Victoria Island, Lagos

We Had A Great Run!

This wasn’t our first ride with the Mitsubishi brand, in 2016 we transformed a white space into an exquisite showroom. The Mitsubishi showroom is the result of exquisite design and construction synergy. We explored this great design journey with our clients in a span of 4-5 Months. We didn’t stop until they were satisfied.

The Team

The following Chronos Studeos teammates worked to ensure the success recorded on this project:

  • Olumide Oshikoya – Design and Construction lead
  • Olakunle Ologun – Design Iteration & visualization
  • Lekan Akinyemi – Renovation, Procurement, and Supervision
  • Hassan Anifowose – Quality Control

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