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5 ways to totally impress your Clients


As professionals, you have the skills honed, a good portfolio or company profile and designed business cards. So.. what else is needed? Your talks? Low charges? Well, this time we will discuss the preparations to impress your clients. A good impression is very important for current business relationships and future businesses. How do you impress your client great enough that you get their recommendations to other clients? How do you make them open great doors to more business opportunities for you?

01. Be a Pro… Talk like one… Dress like one…

Representing your company and yourself to the best of your ability is crucial when meeting your client. Your dressing, your business cards and most importantly, talking and acting the “I know my business inside and out” are easy steps to earn their confidence. You should also know your clients business too. Your best bet to seal the deal is if you really understand what your client wants and you have the ability to help them achieve it.

The way you dress would impress the client who will be more receptive to you and your work. Choose your words carefully, pay good attention to your words, grammar, and punctuation in emails, phone calls and face-to-face interactions because they can make or break your success.

02. Understand their requirements…

Listening is an essential part of your conversations with your clients. A business person without good listening skills can never be respected. It is absolutely fine to ask if you are not sure what they mean. They will be impressed and know that you are serious about your work. Be honest about what you can do for your clients, back it up with action and you are guaranteed to make that lasting impression. Do not over-promise and under-deliver. It is a sure way to make them lose interest. Kindly note that understanding their requirements does not mean you put them at the end of your every question. Try the suggestive approach and hear what they say. They may even hint you more on their expectations.

03. Let your actions do the talking

Most freelancers can impress their clients with this method. Delivering much more than you have promised will reveal that you are focused and keen to work on the project. You come across as a reliable person and this is imperative to make the client take you seriously. To do so you can:

  • Set a practical deadline – While setting a deadline to ensure that you keep room for unforeseen delays. You cannot predict when some untoward event occurs leaving your scheduled derailed. Leave room for these delays and then convey the same to the client.
  • Complete the project well before the deadline – Try to stick to the deadlines and finish it well before time. Ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of work and deliverables.

These simple tricks will help you to make an impression on your client and show that you are serious.

04. Be yourself.. but don’t overdo it…

It all boils down to common sense. Be free and calm. Use your judgement and instincts to explore your client’s flows. Relax. You will be fine. Smile a lot and be genuine. They will remember the impression you make.

meeting break

05. Put in your best efforts

Going the extra mile many times makes the client see and appreciate your proactive approach. Going the extra mile is actually easy contrary to what many people believe. When your client asks you if it is possible, they are not expecting a NO.. they are expecting your candid suggestions of how to make it work. Give it to them.

  • Provide complimentary services: Recommend complementary services which will help their business to grow and wow their own customers or clients or target audience. Give them discounts and show that you are focused on making their investment more fruitful. This will surely help to win your client over.
  • Offer freebies: If you are able to afford it then this is a great option. Your clients will appreciate the freebies and complimentary services so never hesitate to do so.

Walking an extra mile to assist your client will show that you care for their well being and are completely involved in your work. And best of all, do not forget to smile, it is a great one that works. Oh well, it works for me.

Try these tips and you will be glad to know that they work.

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This is splendid! All the tips are very good, simple and practicable. Our teeming youth should take a cue from this write-up. Space (not the sky) is the limit.
Kudos to the Chronos Team. My ‘thumbs up’.

Really impressed with this output. You guys should keep up the good work.

Dis is well Articulated. Hey! man; u really knw d Password d@t unlocks d mind of clienteles. More H2o to ya garden.

these i do, and i must confess, it’s helping my business………………
Thumbs up, team CHRONOS

lovely words.

Nice write up.. kudos to the Chronos Team

i realy like it
in this white man world, we the one chosen, foreal goodnight cruel world

This is summary of it all. Its lovely reading it here again, this is how to win your customer and keep them for life. Smile and always thank them.

Interesting analysis.
Any tips on how best to get your payments from clients on time?
In Nigeria, it seems clients value site works (construction) more than consultancy work and i’m really at a loss why this is so.

Hello Kareem..
Your question came at about the right time. We are working on a blog post that will unveil methods on how to get paid promptly for rendered services. Because we operate in Nigeria, I am certain we can portray the conditions much vividly. Be on standby

Good job hassan n d chronos team

Thank you Iskil..
Many thanks for dropping by.
Sure you can learn from our pool of posts.
Best wishes

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