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A Quick Guide To Creating An Impressive Living Room Interior


The living room is where folks spend a lot of time. It is often the first point of contact everyone has with “home”, hence clients would love a flamboyant living room. It’s where they get to make an exciting impression. Quite obviously, if you give your clients a beautiful living room, you’ll most likely win their hearts. So let’s look at a few tips to creating a fabulous living room.

Create a theme

Great design comes with great planning right? So start by determining how you want the room to feel and what you want the focal elements to be. Doing this will help you choose the appropriate colour scheme, furnishing and accessories the living room will possess. Don’t forget to ask the client what they want. Bear in mind that as much as people love beautiful spaces, they want to be comfortable. So combining comfort with elegance would lay a good foundation.

Living room design by chronos studeos architects 1

Give it a trendy vibe

Yes, we agree that trends won’t last, but creating some sophistication would maintain a timely element. Achieve this by maintaining its spaciousness and keeping the overall design simple. “Less is more” may sound cliche but it’s definitely an effective rule when it comes to creating a trendy space.

Get the right furniture

Avoid heavy furnishing, use furniture that rhymes with the theme of the space, something sleek that will aimlessly sink into the room, they should also be aesthetically arranged – remember that every item part of the design so they should not hang flatly in space. It is also advisable that each piece of furniture not be too bulky.

Living room design by chronos studeos architects 2

Give it something to showcase

Who wouldn’t love a great showcase? Give the room something to brag about. A boastful entertainment wall, a lovely array of wall art, and a fine display of art pieces will definitely trigger some excitement and give the living room a luxurious appeal.

Get the Lights

Lighting determines the mood a room carries so you want to get it right. Build up a dynamic lighting structure within the living room by taking advantage of natural lighting to create a warm atmosphere. You also want to vary the light intensity across various areas of the room depending on how big the room is. Increase the intensity on focal areas, avoid leaving the corners dark and recede the intensity on areas that aren’t used frequently.

Living room design by chronos studeos architects 2

Colour and texture

Make these two elements work for you. Harmonize both as you infuse them into the design. From white, grey, brown, green and blue, all the way down to black there is a wide range of colour shades and tones that will enhance the quality of the living room’s interior. Choose colours that will allow each element to stand out in the room and go for textures that will give the room a polished look.


Living room design by chronos studeos architects 4

A living room that’s welcoming and has a personalized touch to it will definitely please your clients so it is important to have them in mind all through the process, knowing what they like and appreciate as well as knowing what they don’t will help you create a living room that they can relate with. It might just as well get you another awesome referral.

Got any ideas?  Feel free to leave a comment. Tell us what you think people would love to have in their living rooms.


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