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From Junk Hall to Sports Bar – Interior Design by Chronos Studeos Architects


Have you ever had a space, you wanted to recreate? not sure what to do with it? and then finally becomes a dumping yard for any and everything? Well, that’s what we found when we met our client’s space and instantly our faces lit up as we knew, it was make-over time!

Our imagination began to run wild as we took pictures of the space. The client had an idea of what they wanted; a luxury sports bar, all we had to do was convert the derelict space into one and helping them bring their thoughts into reality.

The ultimate objective of the sports bar was to create a space where their customers could relax and enjoy their favourite teams play against arch-rivals! Because really, what better way to bring people together than sports!

Below is a sketch of our first idea of the spatial arrangement analyzing the pool table area to the west, and the bar area to the east.

An Aerial Shot of the space modelled in 3D software

With Team Chronos in full swing, we created a triad segmented luxury sports pub with 3D Renderings to give the client a visual experience of the expected outcome.

Once they stepped into our world, it was no going back as we levitated their imagination into the space giving them the feel of how the background sound will resonate off the live match broadcast or the ambience of contemporary music enticing their ears.

Light was everything to us not just for selfies, but to illuminate and deliberately optimize a creative space that impacts the moods throughout the pub. We created spots for drop lighting in the middle ridge of the ceiling POP (Plaster of Paris).  We also made recesses for ambient lighting above the pool area to create a gentle glow while installing a pool table (pseudo) print inside the ceilings.


The bar started from a simple sketch, where we decided to create a counter showing an artistic blend which was different from regular woodwork with clean lines. We created a dark orchid counter which is vibrant against the olive colour to highlight a luxurious and expensive bar; this combination of colours and shades attracts more attention and dominates the space. Lights above the countertop added to the ambience while guests had a drink. The embedded LED lighting strips in the countertop were created to give alternate lighting when the main lights are turned off.

The stools were a blend of dark khaki and olive colour to give the bar a pop of culture. The perfect combination of olive and orchid colours has its history in Interior Designs. Our clients’ visitors couldn’t be more excited to have a drink, a cocktail, perhaps wine? The VIP section featured high-quality bucket seats with custom throw pillows and bespoke art pieces on a bright coloured backdrop.


This section was given a different feel from the bar, the walls were brought to life with the hand made African themed patterned wallpaper to showcase a more artistic finishing thereby adding more depth and warmth into the lounge. Space-saving furniture along the walls was also included to allow easy movement around the sports bar. 4-seater tables with reflective glass allow guests to play chess games and neatly tuck them away in the table drawers while they enjoy their drinks.


We were sure that this was the most important to our male clients as they all gravitated towards this area, the combination of simultaneous live matches and the forest green snooker games gave the whole pub a calm and relaxing atmosphere not just for the games but during half-time. Four standard-sized pool tables were placed alongside a big billiard table. The illuminated emblems on the walls showcased the logos of popular football clubs.

This is definitely a great space to let out some jeers and boos, as rival teams slug it out on the screens! LoL. Choose your clubs wisely..!

Let us know your thoughts on this project.

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Nice job chronos ,Architecture in display.from nothing2something transformation right there.

Mosunmola Kola-Adefemi

Thank you John

Good job guys

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