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Winners of The Competition 2018 Revealed


The Competition 2018 ended on 31st July 2018 and three major winners have emerged. It is a fact that brilliant, adept and clever minds are all over the architectural industry as this was confirmed when the submissions started rolling in. It was amazing to see. Innovative housing solutions were showcased by all the entries.
But as it is, Chronos Studeos had to choose the three most exceptional of the winners. Continue reading to see the entries and details.


Find out more about the Judges here – Judges for The Competition 2018 Revealed


Without much ado, here are the top three winners and their score points:

Top 3 EntriesScorePosition
Philip Awopetu, Olumide Omotoriogun, Holyvine Olukitibi73.61st Place
Buari Adamson, Ogunsola Timilehin, Awoyemi Oladimeji72.252nd Place
Stephen Haggai, Moses-brown Okorie, Oluwafemi Iranloye70.53rd Place


There were other worthy mentions among the winners who came very close in score points to the top three.

Strong visuals – Maduneme Nnaedozie & Afam Arinze
Clarity in Design – Adeniran Oluwatimilehin, Babalola Helen, Kunlere Adetunji
Best Video Pitch – Idris-Lawal Saheed, Fabayo Abiodun, Oladimeji Ayodeji

First Position – Philip Awopetu, Olumide Omotoriogun, Holyvine Olukitibi

[TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery content_images=”11900,11901,11902,11903,11904,11905,11906,11907″][/TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery]

Second Position – Buari Adamson, Ogunsola Timilehin, Awoyemi Oladimeji

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Third Position – Stephen Haggai, Moses-brown Okorie, Oluwafemi Iranloye

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