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Video: ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur’ – Hassan Anifowose Speaks at Creative Architects


Every year since 2014, Arc. Hassan Anifowose has been committed to sharing insights, life lessons, and management skills with the next generation of Nigerian architects, future industry leaders, and world-changers.

In a brief introduction, Arc. Hassan referred back to a short but fun exercise about setting and achieving financial goals which the entire audience had participated in earlier that day. He explained that the lesson to be learned from that demonstration is this: you are going to need people- learn how to collaborate. Write your (financial) goals down and be sure to go back to them every now and then. He encouraged the audience, explaining that whether or not they achieved exactly what they set out to do if they would take consistent action, in the next one year they would not still be where they are today.

In his talk titled “Service Design and Design Thinking”, Arc. Hassan simplifies what it means to start and run a BUSINESS in a purposeful, innovative and sustainable fashion. Here are a few notes from his presentation:

1. The Need for Constant Evolution

It’s almost impossible for people to keep doing the same things over and over again without getting burnt out. You need to learn how to develop new solutions. An example is Coca-Cola (pet bottles, diet coke, sugar-free drinks etc.)

2. Where to Start?

If you want to make money like the big companies whose brand images/ logos are easily recognizable by nearly everyone, you have to build the right things.

3. Identifying and Solving Problems

Design thinking basically involves exploring a problem, thinking about it, carrying out surveys and interviews, and getting to know the questions people are asking. Make sure you’re building something that is going to solve the problems you’ve discovered.

4. Keeping Your Business Off the Ground

Flexibility and responsiveness are also very important in order to keep your business up and running, and ahead of any possible “crash” or “shutdown” that could occur in today’s face-paced technological age. Things will keep changing over a period of time and you cannot afford to keep reinventing your processes over and over again. In other words, you have enough foresight to include everything your product/ solution needs to avoid having to go back to the design thinking stage.

Everyone has ideas- ideas they believe will change the world or the way people do things. How do you push these ideas forward?  Watch the full video to find out!


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