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Video: Lessons Learned – Olumide Ayodele Speaks at Creative Architects


In his presentation, Arc. Olumide Ayodele (Partner at Studio Stoone Designs, Lagos) spoke a familiar language- one of hardship before the triumph. Having completed his Architecture degree program in the UK, he came back home to Lagos, Nigeria on invitation by a friend to work on a family project. Not long after work commenced, his friend’s Aunt pulled the plug on the project.

Many months of frustrating experiences went by before he finally got his “big break” (the audience laughs). It might not have been the best deal ever, but he certainly took away an important lesson. One which has served him well his practice. Perseverance.

Lessons Learned

He went on to share other lessons he had learned over the years- the importance of collaboration (both with the client as well as among staff and colleagues); and passion. Finally, he explains the widely overlooked concept of specialization in architectural practice and how this helps you “carve a niche and sustain your practice.”

Watch this inspiring video to learn how just about anyone can work hard to beat the odds and strive to be better even when you are surrounded by reasons to be discouraged.


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