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Creating Focal Points in Interior Design

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Aesthetic focal points are magical – with the propensity to unify patterns and forms in an entire design, you do not want to make a mistake with them. The focal point serves as a bold way to accentuate the interior features of a space, blend elements, and highlight unique details.

It is definitely the point of emphasis in any room and most likely, the first thing people will see when they step into a room for the first time.  Hence, we need to give it extra attention if we are to create something impressive.

Having an understanding of how to create intriguing focal points in your designs would help you develop impressive interior spaces. This is why we want you to pay attention to this post as we explore the need-to-knows of creating an enchanting focal point.

Devise Audacious Walls

Walls have proven to be effective platforms to accentuate a room. Making use of accent walls will give the room an audacious appeal. This depends on the type of artistic features the wall possesses.

Use lively colours to create the right amount of captivation bearing in mind that the rest of the rooms should resonate with the point of focus; the choice of colours here should either contrast or complement the other areas of the room.

Creating focal point in interior design - chronos studeos

Vibe with art

Art pieces are a good way to get attention. Not only are they attractive, but they also depict the nature and personality of the user. Depending on the purpose of the space, the choice of artwork also dictates the atmosphere within the room. For areas such as living rooms; art pieces that are vibrant and bold would effortlessly invoke the desirable attention. Workspaces may require more formal artworks, but they should also be lively enough to spur the mind.

Give the furniture a chance

Furniture is a major element of focal areas. The more glamorous they are, the higher the tendency to stand out within the space. Go bold with color and style for large spaces while smaller spaces can have a more subtle collection of furniture.

Accessorizing the furniture with centerpieces, throw pillows, or intricate coverings with contrast in texture and color will give the area a synergistic transition.

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Use exceptional lighting

Chandeliers are the first choice for elegant focal points but they are not the only way. Step away from the mundane and get creative with lighting. How about some pretty wall sconces to highlight the otherwise ordinary details around the focal area or some vibrant led recessed lights beautifully arrayed across the ceiling? The idea remains to create the right attention grabber for the room.

Anchor with angles

The aim behind creating a focal point is to direct peoples’ attention towards what you want them to see and how you want them to feel. It is important that the whole of your design has a direction. Each element of the room should be anchored towards or around the focal area you have created.

The position of items like furniture, rugs, upholstery, and other features of the space should be subtly aligned to drive attention towards the unique area of the room, be it an entertainment wall, a feature wall, a backsplash, etc. The idea is to avoid having multiple focal areas within a single space.

Creating focal points in interior design

Treating the focal point as a unique aspect of your design will enable you to create one that is inbuilt and seamlessly harmonizes with the design in such a way that people who eventually interact with space know that there is something unique about it which they can’t quite figure out. Like we said earlier, aesthetic focal points are magical, and guess who the magician is!

Let’s hear your thoughts. What do you recommend as an essential feature of a focal point?


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