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Upload your works as The Competition 2019 Launches


It is that time of the year again when great minds come together to solve problems. We are very excited to work on this year’s edition of The Competition as we team up with a host of amazing figures and brands to celebrate and promote the talent of the next generation of Architects, Interior Designers, and other Design Professionals.

Read on to discover what you need to do to enter The Competition 2019. Who knows? All too soon, it could be YOU up on stage receiving our top prize and setting off on a plane to The Big 5 Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE, slated for November 2019. Yes..! You read that right..!

 Theme: Great Designs Worth Celebrating

To celebrate our 7th year of hosting The Competition, we have thrown open a submission that allows everyone to participate.

We are rewarding exceptional works of Architecture, therefore, we have partnered with RYG Designs – to showcase the best of the best submissions.

The aim of this exercise is to receive design submissions worthy of celebration. Architects put in several hours of work into their design projects and we have chosen this time to celebrate exceptional works of excellence.


It is your project..!

In a single PDF file or a single zip file containing several other files, you will submit a project that is worthy of celebration. These projects can be architectural student school projects and even professional projects submissions are welcome. Your submissions must be complete in all its sense. A project will typically comprise of a brief, analysis, case studies, concept design, detailed design, visualizations, and any other documentation. You may include construction photos (not compulsory).

Ensure that you have full permission and rights to upload the project you have chosen as Chronos Studeos shall not be liable for any lawsuits ensuing from such unlawful copying or usage of other people’s materials by any individual.

By proceeding to submit an entry, you automatically agree to be bound by the term above.

Procedural Rules and Conditions

  • Each submission can be an individual or a group.
  • Group submissions should comprise of not more than 2 or 3 participants and each participant’s name must be clearly stated on the presentation pages and the last page must include a written summary of the works done by each team member.
  • Participants are free to submit any past/present projects.
  • The judges will pick the best submissions as they look out for
    • the thought process behind the design, analysis, suitability for purpose etc
    • creativity and ability to use design software and presentation tools to great submission standards.
    • Sustainability, User Experience, Site design, Problem Solving design features.
  • Copyright – Chronos Studeos reserves the right to publish the entries online with due credits to the participants.


The competition is open to –

  • Student and Graduate Architects in Nigeria (with not more than 4-years post BSc/BTech/MTech/Msc University, Education/Work Experience).
  • Interior Designers, Landscaping and Other Design Professionals, must team up with at least 1 Architect.
  • Cash Prize winners from previous ‘The Competition’ series are not eligible to participate.

Submission Requirements

  • Upon submission, you will receive confirmation and follow-up emails from time to time.
  • Completed submissions must also include sheets showing design thought process & ideas. 
  • You can view entries submitted on RYG Designssubmission has now ended. You will receive a copy of your submission in a confirmation email once your entry has been received.
  • The following steps will make your submission easier
    -Upload the files on Google drive
    -Right click and get the shareable link
    -Copy the link and paste it into a word file and save as pdf
    -Upload the pdf file as your submission.

Dates and Deadlines

3 winning entries will be announced at the Creative Architects Event on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.


The winning entries shall be announced at the Creative Architects Event. They will be displayed in print.

  • Flight tickets & hotel lodging for winners of top 3 entries worthy of celebration to attend The Big 5 Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center in November 2019.
  • Cash prizes for winners in other categories as may be applicable
    • Sustainable/ Green Design
    • Material Use
    • Creative Design
    • Engineering Marvel
    • Design Clarity and/or more
  • Top 5 worthy mention entries
  • All selected top entries stand the first chance to join the Team at Chronos Studeos
  • All selected top entries will be published on

Past Winning Entries

View Past winning entries


We will be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning the competition. All enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

For those of you who’ll be at the Creative Architects Event, we hope you’ll have your smiles ready for the people from BezalelForce Studios whom we’ve commissioned as the Official Photographers for the Creative Architects Event.

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Oladebo Ibraheem O.

Good afternoon.

I’m sorry I don’t know if this is good. If its not, my sincere apology in advance.

I actually uploaded my submission through the RYG page but haven’t got any confirmation message.

More so, the pattern of uploading is one that doesn’t read percentage and makes it difficult to tell if the uploading was successful or not.

Hi Ibraheem
If you did not receive a confirmation message, it means your submission did not go through before you closed the browser window.

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