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13 Awesome Chronos Studeos Projects from 2013


As we all welcome 2014 we’re taking this opportunity to share with you, our valued readers and supporters, our reflections on a busy and successful year for the Chronos Studeos team of architects, CG artists and media and web graphics professionals.

Across the following pages is a selection of our main projects of 2013, from 3D visualizations to website graphics.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being here to support us in our desire to impress on the wider world the hard work and commitment of everybody who works as an architect or CG artist in West Africa and beyond.

Your support is truly appreciated by every member of the team.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you all as we welcome a new year and embrace new and exciting opportunities in architecture and 3D visualization.


A20 - Lagos 1008 - Lagos Lekki Interactive - Lagos Branding Lekki Park - Lagos Pan African University Ladol Yard - Lagos Offices - AbujaChois Gardens - Lagos Ofon Offshore Asiko - Lagos Mixed Use - Lagos PWO - Lagos

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Comments (8)

Awesome…Awesome….absolutely Awesome…

To say this is wholesome will be understatement big kudos to u guys.keep setting d pace

To say these are awesome will be understatement big kudos to u guys.keep setting d pace n representing…..I know d best iconic building design for Lagos n west Africa hasn’t been done yet,I see u guy leading d park in this area…..u guys are trailblazers. Welldone

Thanks Chief. We are grateful..!

Nimi Godfrey Erekosima

Great job guys.

Hello Hassan, I am so impressed with what I’m seeing, kudos! Please I am a final year student of Architecture at Federal Poly, Oko. I’ve struggled to make my designs look like what you have but I’m constrained with Archicad and Artlantis studio. Please what BIM software and rendering software do you work with? thanks and cheers!

Hi Obinwanne.. Archicad is fantastic, I am not so certain about Artlantis. Usually, we use Archicad and Revit then 3Dsmax and Vray to render. Wishing you all the best

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll have to get a 3Dmax software and Vray.

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